Daniel Craig: Stunts on Latest 'Bond' Film Already Causing Pain

Only "Extra" is on the set of Daniel Craig's new 007 adventure, the just-named "Quantum of Solace."

"I'm very happy with it," Daniel told "Extra" of the title. "It came from an Ian Fleming short story. It encapsulates what the movie is at heart, and a lot more which I can't give any away."

Daniel renews his license to kill in Bond's 22nd adventure. The movie picks up where "Casino Royale" left off, and this time, Daniel says the stunts promise to bring more pain!

"They've started to hurt, so I can only gauge it by how much pain I'm in and I think we're doing pretty good," he joked.

Newcomber Olga Kurylenko plays Bond's "Girl Friday," and she revealed some secrets about her character.

"She is very driven by revenge," Olga said. "She has her own mission in the movie, and of course she comes across Bond. They are opponents and then they have to work together. She's very feisty!"

Gemma Arterton plays a fellow agent who keeps Bond on his toes - and his back.

"We are at Pinewood Studios on the set, which is South America, and it's the honeymoon suite and it's incredible!" she said.

So there's a honeymoon suite?

"I think I've said too much!" she confessed.