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Queen Latifah to be New Spokeswoman for Jenny Craig

Queen Latifah is the new spokeswoman for Jenny Craig.

"We officially confirm that Queen Latifah will join the Jenny Craig program in January," Scott Parker, Jenny Craig's Vice President of Marketing, told "Extra." "We are thrilled to have Queen Latifah support our mission of improving health by taking her first step toward achieving a more healthful lifestyle."

He added, "Queen Latifah joins forces with Jenny Craig to communicate the importance of how small lifestyle changes, in the areas of diet and exercise, can have positive effects on overall health."

Latifah, real name Dana Owens, has been vocal about not getting involved in the Hollywood image game.

In July, the "Hairspray" star, 37, told "Extra," "I lose weight when I feel like it. If the proportion size gets too big and the gym gets too infrequent then I sort of try and balance it back out. I never try to lose weight for someone else."