Padma Lakshmi Whips Up the Best Food Gifts Ever

From salts to sweets, “Extra” is biting into all of the mouth-watering treats that are making our list of the best gifts ever!

Sink your teeth into the ultimate gourmet S’mores kit from Recchiuti Confections in San Fransisco, where they make their own graham crackers, chocolate bars and vanilla bean marshmallows.

Surprise your man’s hearty appetite with a juicy gift from New York’s famous Peter Luger
Steak house. You can even order their award-winning beef online!

Of course, don’t forget to pass the salt with the ultimate collection from Salt Works : 12 rare gourmet sea salts from all over the world.

Prefer something a little tangy, tart, hot and sweet?

That’s the name of Padma Lakshmi’s exotic new cookbook for the top chef in your life!

And leave it to chefs Jill Davie and David Myers of Fine Living Network
to find the coolest kitchen gadgets this season, like Target’s colorful pop art toaster. When you put your toast in, it comes out with stencil imprints!

And you’ve got to love Dave’s favorites, from a deluxe ground-to-order coffee machine to a nifty champagne cork catcher.

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