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Tom Cruise Joins Will Smith at 'I Am Legend' Premiere

Last night's "I Am Legend" premiere brought Hollywood legends to the Big Apple as Will Smith unveiled his action-packed thriller.

"I don't think people are going be prepared for what this film is," an enthusiastic Will told "Extra" on the red carpet. "It's going to be very different from what people sit down and expect."

And just one day after cheering Will on in Hollywood, good friend Tom Cruise was on hand to show his support once again.

"Of course, that's my man!" Will exclaimed. "You know he's going to represent!"

Added Tom, "It's always fun hanging out with Will."

Will plays the last man on earth in the sci-fi drama, which is already gaining him Oscar buzz. But on the chilly New York red carpet, he shared the spotlight with his scene-stealing kids, Jaden, 9, and Willow, 7.

When "Extra" asked cutie Jaden, who starred alongside dad in "The Pursuit Of Happyness," who's the better actor, he quipped, "Me!"

So how do Will and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith manage careers, kids and a successful 10-year marriage?

"In a marriage, it just can't be about the passion, because that comes and goes," Jada said. "But when you have that deep friendship and you feel like you couldn't live without this person, how could it not work?"

Will also did some "Extra" rumor control, confirming a new partnership. He's ready to team up with presidential candidate Barack Obama.

"That's my man!" said Will. "I pretty much told him, 'I'm open you know, supporting you. Just let me know what you need.'"

Will also confirmed buzz about a possible remake of "The Karate Kid," starring son Jaden.

"We're looking," Will revealed. "I met with a couple of people in China. We're looking to potentially shoot in China."