Julia Roberts: ‘I Curse Like a Sailor!’

Two of the biggest stars in Hollywood rocked the red carpet for the premiere “Charlie Wilson's War” last night, but the event turned into a war of words with Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks!

Julia, who recently had her third baby, revealed to “Extra” that she’s changed quite a bit since becoming a mom.

“I didn't really curse before I had kids,” she confessed. “I just turned into a sailor! I'm like, ‘F*** this, son of a b**** that, what the hell!’ All day!”

Then Tom Hanks, who chews up the scenery as a politician in the new film, poked fun at “Extra’s” own Jerry Penacoli for wearing a scarf!

“Is this really that cold for a scarf or are just a big pussy?” Tom joked, causing his wife Rita Wilson to blush and say, “Oh, my God!”

Tom explained that he was calling Jerry “a weakling” or “poor little messy pants,” leading everyone to bust up with laughter.

“He used to be the nicest guy in Hollywood! What happened?” Jerry teased.

Answered Rita, “He's trying to change his image.”

Added Tom, “Oh, I'm insulting you in a charming way.”

Julia and Tom make a charming pair in the film, which tells the true story of a congressman and socialite’s efforts to end the Cold War.

Julia also broke news to “Extra” that she’s love to re-team with her “Pelican Brief” co-star Denzel Washington. Oprah Winfrey, a good friend of Julia’s, is producing Denzel’s new movie “The Great Debaters.”

So Jerry asked Julia, “Now when is Oprah going to produce a movie with you?”

Julia responded, “That's a good question to ask Oprah. I'd like to know the answer to that!’