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Britney Appears Dazed as She Wanders Out of Car

Britney Spears managed to shock the paparazzi when she stumbled out of her car yesterday wearing a bright pink wig and a barely-there skirt.

The pop star, 26, chewed her fingernails and appeared confused as she stepped out of her white Mercedes in West Hollywood.

“I’m scared,” she told cameramen as light bulbs flashed. But an instant later and X17online.com caught her smiling and laughing, apparently trying to find her way to the Hustler store. She abandoned the mission when the camera crush grew too large.

So where is her ever-present friend, Sam Lufti, who frequently pushes the paparazzi out of the way?

Her favorite accessory has completely disappeared in the wake of a scathing Us Weekly story alleging a shady past of restraining orders and aliases.

She could have used him yesterday when cameramen complimented her on the pink wig.

“Shut up!” she snarled, though she’s typically very friendly with the paps.

Maybe it’s because Brit didn’t have her coffee fix yet.

Brit, who is never photographed without a Starbucks treat in hand, is now being plagued with reports that she’s about to be banned from her beloved joint!

Rumors are flying that because of the chaos generated by Britney wherever she goes, Starbucks in the Studio City and Sherman Oaks areas of Los Angeles are considering banning her from their stores.

But today a Starbucks rep tells "Extra" the story isn't true, saying, "We strive to create a welcoming environment for all of our customers."