Gavin Rossdale: 'Kingston is My Greatest Triumph'

Gavin Rossdale has had his share of success, both in his career and in his marriage to Gwen Stefani. But their son, Kingston, is his "greatest triumph."

"This is Kingston," Gavin told "Extra" at the Bank of the West Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic as the toddler crawled onto his lap. "Finally, I got something right.”

Gavin, who sold millions of records with the band Bush, is now preparing for a solo career, much like Gwen.

“I just finished a record that comes out next year," said Gavin. "It’s a solo record.”

With such talented parents, it's no wonder that little Kingston, 1, has an ear for music.

“He was on tour with Gwen, he’d come and watch the show with me with the headphones on," Gavin said. "He’s big on drums."

But how does their toddler handle the constant media attention that surrounds two famous parents?

“We made a conscious decision [to have a child]. We would have a baby and the baby joins our life. We don’t stop for his," Gavin explained. "If we were going to be followed by paparazzi, it doesn’t mean we would leave him home…we don’t take life too seriously.”

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