Who Would You Spend One More Day With?

Oprah's new TV movie, "One More Day," has prompted the hottest stars to contemplate a very deep question. Last night at CNN Hero’s Awards, "Extra" asked several celebs: “If you could spend one more day with a person from your past, who would it be?”

Fresh off her three Grammy nominations, Mary J. Blige offerered a somber response. “My cousin. He died when he was 16," she revealed. "He was shot in the chest and I didn’t get a chance to se him. I was in London.”

But both Sheryl Crow and Tyra Banks stayed in the present.

“My son," Sheryl gushed about her little boy, Wyatt. "I’m just smitten with my 7-month old.”

Tyra said, “It would probably be my mom…And I’d be like, ‘No pity party, Mom. Let’s just laugh and giggle and eat a lot of barbeque.”

To the contrary, Glenn Close pulled a name from the past, saying, “Elizabeth the First.”

"30 Rock" star Tina Fey provided some comic relief by joking, “I would probably get as many people from my family in one place as possible and I would probably eat as much as possible. Would it be weird if I took a nap on my actual day?”

"One More Day" airs Sunday night on ABC.