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Will Smith: 'My Religion is Love'

Will Smith is continuing to come to the defense of Tom Cruise and Scientology, blasting critics who take aim at Tom's devotion to the religion.

"Tom is one of the greatest spirits that I met. He dedicates himself to making the world better," Will told "Extra." "And just because our beliefs are different, does that mean we are not allowed to be friends? Does that mean I need to take out my bible and club him with it?"

Will continued, "Our twin towers came down because of ignorant religious fundamentalism. I am a student of world religions and my religion is love."

"Extra" caught up with Will at a junket for his new thriller, "I Am Legend," in which he plays the last surviving man on earth after a virus wipes out mankind.

The mega movie star regained the 25 pounds he has lost for the role and joked, "It's a good thing at 210, but those Italian pants don't fit so good."

The two-time Oscar nominee also declared he's in the prime of his career, saying, "I'm going to make the best movies of my career over the next ten years. This is my peak. I'm coming up baby!"

Still, whatever commercial and personal success he's had in the last 20 years, Will says he owes it all to his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

"For me, I connect all aspects of life back to Jada," Will said.