Mark Ballas Injures Shoulder, Lands in Hospital

Fan favorites Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas returned for a jaw-dropping comeback performance last night, but their passionate dance came with a price: Mark injured his shoulder and was forced to go to the hospital following the "Dancing" finale.

“He was suffering from an injury the last few days and today, during the routine, it just kind of gave out,” explained a worried Sabrina.

"I hate having to be here," she confessed. "I just want to go to the hospital to see how he is!"

Though Sabrina finally confirmed the romance rumors earlier this month, she was coy last night about their blossoming love.

“We are hanging out," she said coyly. "We did go on a date."

But she told TV Guide just weeks ago, "We’ve always hung out, millions of times, millions of dinners. But this is different.”