Final 'Dancing' Performances Disappoint

In a season filled with drama, last night’s final performances on “Dancing with the Stars” failed to elicit even a gasp from the audience. The biggest reaction of the night came from judge Bruno Tonioli, who called Marie Osmond’s doll getup “a cross between Baby Jane and the bride of Chucky."

The finalists – Marie, Helio Castronoves and Melanie Brown – did not give their most powerful performances of the season. Mel B. turned in a stiff routine with partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy. At least they had the Spice Girls cheering from the audience.

“We didn't know they were coming,” Maks told “Extra” after the show. “It was a total surprise. Mel's husband set everything up.”

Maksim, who told “Extra” yesterday that Marie didn’t deserve to be in the finals, also said he’s faced an onslaught of criticism since the interview. But he told “Extra” backstage that he’s simply shrugging it off.

Marie had a similar attitude about his harsh words. “I think ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ when I signed on for this, was about non-dancers becoming dancers. And it’s about improvement!” she huffed.

The judges were not pleased with Marie’s odd freestyle with partner Jonathan Roberts. Dressed as a doll that comes to life, she awkwardly stumbled through the Rolling Stones song “Start Me Up.” She scored the lowest of the night. Even the energetic Helio Castroneves was penalized for sloppy footwork with partner Julianne Hough.

“Excuse my French, but screw the judges!” said a fuming Julianne. “I thought they really put a downer on the whole room.”

Added Jonathan, “The judges were hard on everyone, particularly hard on Marie.”

The final three will perform one more dance tonight, which only the judges will score. Those scores, along with last night’s totals and the viewer votes, will be combined to crown a winner.