The Hottest Tickets in Hollywood This Season

The holidays bring the best films to the theater, and now "Extra" is giving you a sneak peek at what to look for.

Jason Lee is taking on "Alvin and the Chipmunks," while Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts team up for the first time in the drama, "Charlie Wilson's War."

The gold standard of filmmaking continues with "The Golden Compass," a kid-friendly fantasy starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig.

Also seeking treasure at the box office is "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" with Nicolas Cage, and Will Smith as the last man standing in apocalyptic New York City for "I Am Legend."

Then Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman will make you laugh through buckets of tears in the emotional drama "The Bucket List," about friends who make a list of things they're supposed to do before they die.

Johnny Depp sings and slices in the legendary Broadway musical adaptation of "Sweeney Todd," a gruesome musical sure to delight fans.

On to "I'm Not There," where six actors - including Cate Blanchett - play the infamous Bob Dylan in the daring biopic.

"You're not after impersonating," Cate explained to "Extra." "If a man was playing him you wouldn't get the androgyny he actually had."

In the tear-jerker "P.S., I Love You," Hilary Swank plays a widow whose husband writes her notes from the afterlife encouraging her to move on.

Just some of the hot holiday treats directly from Hollywood to you this season!