Cris Judd: 'I Didn't Mean to Spill J.Lo's Pregnancy Secret!'

“Extra” caught up with Cris Judd over the weekend at the HBO Comedy Festival’s Hot Tamales Live event in Las Vegas, where he opened up about his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez’s pregnancy.

“The funny thing about it was I was asked at the Hollywood Film Festival about Jennifer’s pregnancy and I was telling everyone that I’m super happy for her," said Cris. "I was saying all that before she actually announced it and everyone thought that I had the inner scoop and I didn’t, but I apologize!”

He continued, “I’m so happy for her and Marc and I wish them the best of luck.”

Cris hasn’t spoken to Jennifer, but commented, “I’ll definitely be contributing to the baby shower when that time comes.” He added, “From what I understand she’s having twins, right? So instant family! That is perfect!”