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Kanye West Cancels Performance

“Extra” has learned that Kanye West has canceled his performance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show following the death of his mom and best friend, Donda.

The show, which films today at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, will feature a performance by the Spice Girls and will air Dec. 4 on CBS.

Donda, 58, died Saturday just hours after receiving a tummy tuck and breast reduction by Dr. Jan Adams. Results from an autopsy are expected in 6-8 weeks. A coroner says the cause of death, for now, is being described as “complications of surgery.”

Reports say Kanye didn’t even know his mother was getting surgery. Her funeral will be held next week in Oklahoma City. A memorial service will be held this week at Chicago State University, where Donda once chaired the English department.

Yesterday, one of Dr. Adams’ former patients came forward with her own disastrous surgery experience.

Gina Cloud, who was treated by Dr. Adams over ten years ago, filed suit after a botched procedure to remove excess skin following the birth of her daughter.

“I had four procedures with him,” she told “Extra.” “I kept foolishly letting him try to correct it. It was really traumatic… the most difficult thing I’ve even been through.”

“Extra” also spoke to Dr. Pearlman D. Hicks, Dr. Adams’ uncle and former business partner. Dr. Hicks, who ended his professional relationship with Dr. Adams almost ten years ago, said, “I got the feeling he wanted to be more of a celebrity kind of physician.”

Multiple malpractice lawsuits have come to light following Donda’s death. Now the Discovery Health Network has announced it will no longer broadcast episodes of “Plastic Surgery: Before and After,” hosted by Dr. Adams. He had been hosting the series for years until its final episode aired in June. The network will no longer show the repeat episodes.