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Brit Runs Over Photog's Foot - Again

Britney Spears has done it again.

The pop star appeared to run over a photographer’s foot outside the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, causing the man to scream in pain. At the time of the mishap, she was swarmed with paparazzi as she maneuvered her white Mercedes through the crowd. X17online.com captured Brit looking horrified as she sped off.

This is the third time Brit has hit someone with her car. Last month, she ran over a photographer’s foot as she was leaving a medical facility in Beverly Hills. Next was a deputy outside the L.A. courtroom where she had her custody battle.

Later in the night, paparazzi caught Britney texting on her phone as she drove through L.A. with one hand on the wheel. At times she took her eyes completely off the road to glance at her cell!

Cameras also caught Brit with bright-red, inflamed lips – looking as if she had just had lip injections.

Brit's latest driving disaster comes amid rumors of a second failed drug test and the cancellation of her latest music video shoot. Today, Brit scrapped plans to film the video for “Piece of Me” in L.A. tomorrow.

While Brit’s not saying whether this second alleged failed test was the reason she decided to cancel, there are new reports addressing an earlier alleged failure in which Brit tested positive for amphetamines.

Brit’s people say it’s a false-positive and are now blaming that result on the drug Adderall, which treats Attention Deficit Disorder. Adderall is an amphetamine, unlike Provigil and Albuterol, the first two prescription drugs Brit’s people tried to pin the alleged positive test on.

Whatever the truth, tomorrow’s court hearing in her custody battle will surely be a hot topic.

K-Fed's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan requested the emergency hearing, reportedly to address Brit's driving issues. Kaplan has asked that Brit not be allowed to drive with her kids. Last week, cameras caught Brit running a red light with Sean Preston and Jayden James in the car.