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Former Patient of Dr. Adams Comes Forward

He’s the doctor at the center of a red-hot controversy. Today, as “Extra” uncovers lawsuit after lawsuit alleging negligence, battery and malpractice against Dr. Jan Adams – who operated on Kanye West’s mom just hours before she died – one of his patients has come only to “Extra.”

Gina Cloud, who was treated by Dr. Adams over ten years ago, filed suit after a botched procedure to remove excess skin following the birth of her daughter. She first became worried when she went in for a follow-up.

“I had four procedures with him. I kept foolishly letting him try to correct it,” she says. “It was really traumatic… the most difficult thing I’ve even been through.”

Cloud didn’t consult with any other doctors before her out patient surgery, but comments, “We’re in such a fast food culture we just want to get the answers right away.”

As for whether or not Adams ever explained what went wrong with her surgeries, Cloud adds, “He always had an answer… he would always say something that was reassuring… made me feel like okay I’m going to give him one more try and I really shouldn’t have.”

While the official cause of Donda’s death is under investigation, Cloud says news of the tragedy hit her hard.

“It was kind of surreal. It sent some goose bumps down my spine because I thought about how many times I entrusted myself in his care and this woman entrusted herself and she lost her life,” she says.

Cloud reveals details about the malpractice suit she won against Adams eight years ago saying, “We won… but he never showed up for a single court appearance… he basically ignored the whole thing… it felt like a slap in the face… no respect for the fact that you’ve caused a lot of harm and emotional distress.” Cloud was awarded about $217,000, but says she has only received about $5,000.

Cloud had no idea that Adams was not board certified. As for recommending him to anyone, she declares, “No, I absolutely wouldn’t recommend him… I think it’s really tragic that he’s actually still practicing medicine.”

If Cloud could speak to Adams now she would tell him “to have some integrity.” She continues, “Stand up and be a man, be a human being and stop practicing surgery on people when he’s not either qualified, capable or competent to do it…own up to what he’s done to other people like me.”