Anne Heche: ‘Love Scenes with James Tupper Much Easier’

Anne Heche’s secret to comfortable love scenes? Make sure it’s your real-life beau!

The “Men in Trees” star is telling “Extra” that since falling for her co-star James Tupper, love scenes are much “less challenging.”

“Usually when you’re doing a love scene with somebody you’re not in love with, it’s like you kiss and you kiss and then you think, ‘Oh, great,’” Anne says. “And then they yell, ‘Cut,’ and you just split apart right away and act like you don’t really like the person. [But] when they yell, ‘Cut,’ we just lay there and wait for the next take to go!”

Anne, 37, and James, 41, made headlines last year when the then-married stars fell in love on set. But Anne isn’t bothered that their affair is now public knowledge. “We’re so much more comfortable now that our feelings are exposed and everybody knows about them,” she says.

Will Anne, who has a five-year-old son with ex Coley Laffoon, expand her family with James? “Gotta leave it open, ya know what I’m saying?” she says.