Trump Takes Aim at Paul McCartney

Donald Trump is dishing to “Extra” like only he can, weighing in on Paul McCartney’s bitter breakup with Heather Mills.

“You look at Paul and you say schmuck,” Trump blasted.

Trump, whose book “Think Big and Kick Ass” is currently on the best-seller list, explained that he knows all about divorce. He’s actually taking sides with his fellow billionaire, but he says Paul should have taken certain precautions before he wed Mills.

“I think it's a shame what's happening to Paul McCartney,” he said. “Paul went out and said, ‘I’d never have one,’ and look what happened. All I know is he’s going through hell.”

Today “Extra” has new details about Paul’s apparent romantic Hamptons weekend with American millionaire Nancy Shevell. People says their date included a post-midnight dinner, where the owner of the restaurant kept the place open so the two could enjoy an intimate meal.

Shevell is reportedly separated from her lawyer husband.

Mills, meanwhile, told “Extra” she isn’t looking for love right now.

“I have no plans to date soon,” she said.

Barbara Walters is also weighing in on Mills’ controversial TV tell-all and the beating she’s taken in the press as a crazed ex-wife.

Barbara, who interviewed Mills in 2000, told “Extra,” “I don’t wish Heather Mills any harm. We didn’t [my producers] have the best experience…I think she's at a difficult time. I think Paul McCartney is having a terrible time and I just hope it all resolves itself.”