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Brit Leaves Kids in Car to Go Shopping

Britney Spears had custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James over the weekend, but the pop tart raised eyebrows when she left the boys in the car to go shopping.

Brit, along with her court-appointed monitor, pulled up to the Crystal Palace chandelier store in L.A. yesterday. But soon she jumped out of her white Mercedes and into the store, leaving her sons to sit and wait with the monitor.

Meanwhile, “Extra” has learned that Brit won’t be charged with any crime after hitting a deputy with her car outside a downtown L.A. courthouse last week.

Following an investigation, an LAPD spokesman said the mishap – in which Brit ran over the deputy’s foot – was just an accident. The case is now closed.

But there are more legal issues Brit has to deal with – a lawsuit from her former manager who is suing her for thousands of dollars of unpaid fees.

Brit opened up to the paparazzi this weekend after getting served, telling cameramen that the man who handed her the papers “looked like Santa Claus.”

As fans hope that Britney’s life gets back on track, she has one major supporter in her corner – Julia Roberts.

Mom of three Julia tells the new issue of Vanity Fair, “I see and hear what's happening to Britney Spears and it's all I can do not to move her into my guesthouse and say, 'Okay, this is how it's going to be!' And just take care of her."