Tom and Katie Shine on the Red Carpet

It was like the Walk of Fame came to life last night as Tom Cruise Cruise and Katie Holmes joined Robert Redford, Meryl Streep and Will Smith for the Hollywood premiere of "Lions for Lambs."

"I've got to be on my toes!" a beaming Tom told "Extra." "I've got Meryl, I've got Redford - I've got to bring my game."

Tom breezed into Hollywood after a whirlwind tour for the political thriller, which has taken him all across Europe.

"No time for jetlag!" said Tom. "We just keep going."

It was about that time that another pumped up star, Will Smith, stepped on the red carpet and threw his arms around Tom as the crowd went wild.

"Listen, that's the only person that I've ever met that can match me step for step with energy, with work, with desire," Will said.

Then superstar Will broke huge news to "Extra," revealing that he and Tom are looking to team up on the big screen.

"We just talked about it, walking that press line together," he said. "We've got to make it happen."

Will and Tom's pal David Beckham was also on hand at the star-studded premiere, rendering every woman within a ten-block radius completely dumbstruck.

David told "Extra" that his friendship with Tom was pivotal upon his move to America.

"We met Tom a few years back in Madrid and we just sort of clicked as friends," David said. "Once he met Katie and they got married, and had Suri of course, we've all become really close and good friends, the whole family."

David added, "He's such a romantic man, and a great guy, and a great friend."

So is Tom planning something romantic for his one-year wedding anniversary to Katie?

"I got something special," Tom grinned. "Don't worry!"