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Britney: 'I'm Doing the Best I Can For the Kids'

Britney Spears gave her first formal interview to Ryan Seacrest this morning on his radio show.

Friends Alli Sims and Sam Lufti first spoke to Ryan from Britney’s home because, as they explained, Britney was still sleeping at 9:00 a.m.

When Brit finally came to the phone, she sounded sleepy but cheerful when Ryan asked her what she did to celebrate the release of “Blackout” last night.

“It was laid back, really,” she said. “We watched movies, that’s about it…we had fried chicken.”

When Ryan asked what kind of promotion Britney has lined up for the album, Sam interrupted, “This is it!”

Alli also clarified that Sam and Brit are “just friends,” and that rumors of a hookup with Tony Romo aren’t true.

Britney finally talked about “Blackout,” explaining that her favorite track is “Heaven on Earth.” “I think it’s a cool track,” Britney said.

What about Britney’s now famous, “It’s Britney, bitch” line that grabbed headlines from “Gimme More?”

"Oh, God," she sighed. “The producer told me to say that. I didn’t do it.”

As for “Piece of Me,” in which Britney takes aim at the media, she said, “Whenever you go there’s a lot of people who want to ask questions…it’s a cute way of putting it out there.”

She added, “People say what they want and do what they do. It’s sad how cruel the world can be. At the end of the day you’ve got to know in your heart that you’re doing the best that you can.”

“Are you doing the best that you can for your kids?” Ryan pointedly asked.

“God, yeah,” she responded, though she spoke softer and seemed to tune out as the interview turned more personal.

When asked how often she’ll see the kids, she said, “That's court stuff. My lawyers know all about that stuff.”

Britney clearly didn’t want to talk about yesterday’s headline-grabbing custody decision in which her parenting coach called her “rarely engaged” with the kids.

Lastly, when Ryan asked if Britney wanted to say something to her fans, Alli couldn’t find her. Britney had left the interview and jumped in the shower.

Minutes later Ryan had Alli and Sam on the line, but not Britney. He pleaded with the two to get Britney to talk to her fans, but she wouldn’t budge.

“If Britney is standing there she should come say something to her fans,” Ryan insisted. But Sam put his foot down, and Britney never returned to the phone.

You can listen to the entire interview here.