Brooke Shields Drives Car into House

Most women know that high-heels can be uncomfortable, but Brooke Shields is proving they can be dangerous!

The “Lipstick Jungle” star told “Extra” that she drove her car into her own house after her platform shoes got stuck under the gas pedal.

“I really did drive into my house,” laughed Brooke. “I was wearing these fabulous sort of kick-ass platform patent leather. I was meeting the team at ‘Lipstick Jungle.’ I was all sexed out.”

She continued, “I slowed down to what I thought was a proper speed. I went to go put my foot on the break and I couldn’t get my foot off the gas because the wedge was completely wedged under!” She added, “I slammed on what I thought was the brake and it actually was the gas.”

Brooke then smashed into a pillar in front of her home!

“I was fine,” she said. “The pillar, of course, was removed at which point I was like, ‘We didn’t really need that, that’s just in the way.’”