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Britney Surprises Fans at Midnight Release of 'Blackout'

Britney Spears made a surprise appearance at Hollywood’s Virgin Megastore last night where hundreds of fans were waiting to score the first copies of “Blackout.”

Brit – dressed in a pirate Halloween costume – pulled into the parking garage with buddy Sam Lufti behind the wheel. The scene quickly turned to chaos as fans swarmed her car, and an overwhelmed Britney took off without signing any autographs or stepping out of her white Mercedes.

Later she changed into a tight black dress and hit Hollywood hotspot Winston’s with pal Alli Sims, where she partied all night. When she left in the early morning hours, chaos followed Brit as she was pulled over by the cops! She sat stunned in the passenger seat, biting her nails, as cops questioned Alli. The two were let go without any apparent citation.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Church is said to be fuming over the album photos for “Blackout,” which “Extra” showed you yesterday.

In one picture, Britney sits provocatively in a confessional next to a handsome, star-struck priest. She wears little more than black tights and a cross around her neck.

Now the president of the New York-based Catholic League is speaking out, reportedly commenting that the stunt is “the bottom of the barrel” for Britney.

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