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Paris: ‘Rwanda Trip Rescheduled, Not Canceled’

Paris Hilton wants the world to know that her scheduled charity mission to Rwanda hasn’t been canceled – just postponed.

“It’s going to be for next year,” she says. “I want to travel the world. There’s a lot I could do, and a lot I could help.”

Paris talked exclusively to “Extra” at the launch of her new fragrance Can Can at Kitson in L.A., where she set the record straight on everything from romance to reality shows.

“I just want to go for myself,” she says about her African trip, blasting reports that she’s doing it for publicity. She insists that the organization behind the trip, Playing for Good, had planned to bring cameras – not Paris. “Why would I do a reality show there?” she says.

While Paris is nixing that reality show, she’s also letting go of her series “The Simple Life” with pal Nicole Richie. Paris, 26, says it’s simply time to move on.

“I’ve been doing five seasons,” she says. “I love the show. My best friend is about to have a baby…We don’t want to be doing ‘The Simple Life’ forever. We’ve grown out of that stage.”

As for rumors that she’s hot and heavy with Kid Rock, Paris says don’t believe what you read.

“I’ve known him for years,” she insists. “Of course when we’re photographed together people are going to say something…I think he’s a really nice, cool guy. But we’re just friends.”

She adds, “I’m single right now.”