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Gretchen Wilson on Mid-Air Fight: 'I Took As Much As I Could Take!'

Gretchen Wilson came under fire last week after reports surfaced that she’d had a brawl with a flight attendant on a flight, and now the country singer is setting the record straight for “Extra.”

"It's interesting to hear how the story has evolved," Wilson told us at the Hank Williams Country Giants event last night. "I've heard people say I had a pit bull on that flight!"

She explained, "I took about three and a half hours of being badgered and I finally said a cuss word, and I said it loud. It all started over keeping my dog under the seat, and there were other dogs on the plane that weren't forced to stay in their kennel but I was being forced to keep my dog in mine."

Gretchen added, “I took about as much as I could take and then I finally cussed her. That's country music!"