Kathie Lee Gifford Up Next for ‘Dancing with the Stars?’

“Extra” caught up with Kathie Lee Gifford at The Variety Cody House for a special ribbon cutting ceremony unveiling its new playground and program for kids. The facility focuses on early intervention services, with roughly 85 infants and toddlers who live in poverty and struggle with severe developmental disabilities, delays and medical conditions.

Gifford revealed that she has been approached multiple times by the producers to be a celebrity dancer on “Dancing With the Stars.” She said, “They have asked me the last three times to do ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ but I can’t I have a dislocated toe.”

As for plastic surgery, Gifford commented, “What I don’t like to see is people’s individuality lost. I think a little bit here and there, that’s fine. When you go for procedure after procedure, it’s a person who is not very content with their soul.”

Regis Philbin’s former co-host also shared her concerns about Britney Spears.

Gifford met Britney when the pop star was just a teenager. “She was just this precious little girl, but I remember she had very bitten down little fingernails. Even then, I just thought, something's troubling her."

She continued, “I believe under all that trauma is just this little precious person I met when she was 16.”