Marie Blasts Diet Rumors as Reason Behind Collapse

Marie Osmond is shedding light on the terrifying fall that sent shockwaves through “Dancing with the Stars.”

“I think because they've evacuated almost a quarter of a million people because of the fires and I have really bad allergies,” Marie tells “Extra.” “I just couldn't get my breath.”

However, there may be other reasons behind her jaw-dropping collapse. After the fall, “Extra” gained unprecedented backstage access with Marie and host Tom Bergeron, who discovered personal problems may also be taking a toll on the beloved star.

“I'm divorced but I'm still going through stuff,” Marie reveals. “Every woman out there understands.”

But Marie is “not at all” worried about continuing in the competition.

Though she can joke about the incident now, laughing, “I would faint in the shortest skirt of the whole show,” she is serious about knocking down rumors that Nutrisystem and her 20-pound weight loss played any part in her collapse.

“First of all, I can't be anorexic. I like food too much,” she blasts. “I'm not on diet pills. And I have to tell you, honestly, with Nutrisystem you eat all the time.”

However, maintaining that healthy lifestyle while training for the show can be a struggle.

“With the schedule it's very easy to stop eating altogether,” adds “Dancing” contestant Sabrina Ryan.

In fact, Jane Seymour needs a friendly reminder to eat from her partner Tony Dovolani.

“He says, ‘You will eat now. And here is your water,’” said Jane.

Now that Marie has fully recovered from her scare, she insists she’s ready to continue with the show.

“It makes me want to go out and kick some serious booty out there,” she told “Extra.”