Heather Mills Opens Up About Health Battle

Heather Mills overcame physical disability to stun audiences on last season’s “Dancing with the Stars,” and she’s traveled the world as an outspoken activist.

But recently the star has been spotted leaning on crutches, raising eyebrows about her health.

Now she’s telling “Extra” about her physical battle, explaining, “I had a broken pelvis when I danced in 'Dancing With the Stars'…I’ve had a broken plate for a few years now and it just pops out now and again.”

Eventually, Heather will have to take four months off for surgery, but she says she can’t fathom how she’ll be able to do that. “I just can’t take four months out right now,” she said.

The injury recently forced Heather into a wheelchair, but she says she’s a fighter. “I was in a wheelchair for a few days, then I got realigned and cracked back into place by a chiropractor. I’m down to one crutch now.”

As for the pain, she admits, “I’ve had a high pain threshold for a long time.”

Heather, who survived a motorcycle injury years ago that took her leg, plans to make the most out of her bed-ridden recovery.

“I always utilize my time well,” she says. “The last time, I got Paris Hilton to give up fur. So, good things happen when I’m lying in a hospital bed.”