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Britney Hits Photog After Undergoing Apparent Lip Injections

Britney Spears ran over a photographer’s foot yesterday as she tried to leave a Beverly Hills parking garage.

“Extra” spotted the pop star looking overwhelmed as she maneuvered through a pack of cameramen. As she turned, she hit the photog and drove away. Though he felt to the ground, the cameraman rose to his feet and appeared unhurt. Video shows tire marks on his sock.

As Britney peeled out of the building, “Extra” spotted brand-new, bee-stung lips that have the Internet buzzing that she’s had lip-plumping injections! Watch “Extra” tonight to see the footage and decide for yourself.

Meanwhile, Brit’s alleged hit-and-run fiasco may be coming to an end.

She’s reportedly ready to reach an agreement with the owner of the car that she hit in an L.A. parking lot on Aug. 6.

She’ll pay the woman around $1,000 for the damage, though she’ll still be arraigned on two misdemeanor charges. However, Brit’s attorney said the hit-and-run charge could be dropped if the court sees proof that the woman was compensated for the damage.

Britney will face those charges on Oct. 25, just one day before her scheduled custody hearing with Kevin Federline.

“Extra” broke news about their custody battle direct from Kevin’s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan, who told us that she’ll get her visitation rights back.

“As far as I know, it will be reinstated soon,” he said. He also said that Kevin truly wants Britney to be with little Sean Preston and Jayden James.

“He wants Mom to be involved in their lives,” he said.

But is all the stress sending Britney on a fast food binge?

Britney has been seen at various junk food diners around Los Angeles lately. Just yesterday she chowed down on a hamburger before eating a chocolate chip cookie in full view of the paparazzi.

Now “Extra” is breaking down the full, diet-busting details.

For breakfast, Brit usually drinks an Iced Frappucino from Starbucks at a whopping 500 calories. She had lunch at In and Out Burger, taking in 1,760 calories, and later McDonalds at 1,220 calories.

As for her favorite tacos? Add another 1,070 calories to her diet.