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Britney Calls Booking Experience 'Amazing'

Britney Spears turned herself in to police last night, and “Extra” has all the inside details you haven’t heard.

Before she drove to the police station, she was spotted wearing a bright pink wig as she drove around L.A.

She then left the Van Nuys, Calif. station just one hour after getting booked on misdemeanor hit-and-run and driving without a valid license charges.

Wearing thigh-high boots and giant sunglasses, the 25-year-old pop star emerged and told waiting cameramen that her experience was “amazing.”

As for the cops, “They were nice,” she said. “They were really nice.”

Nice enough to offer Britney the protection of sneaking in the back – an offer she declined.

Instead, she went in the front entrance, giving the waiting cameras a perfect glimpse of the moment.

After her to-do with the police, Britney waltzed down the stairs in a dress short enough to display her underwear.

While Britney prepped for her mug shot, the hundreds of dancers lined up outside the Millennium Studios to audition for a rumored Spears video and tour just had to wait – again.

Britney canceled for the third straight day, so the hopefuls performed into a camera. Britney will reportedly watch the videos herself.