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Britney Gets One Overnight Visit Per Week

Britney Spears will get one, monitored overnight visit per week with her children, a judge ruled today.

L.A. County Court Commissioner Scott Gordon did not reveal who the monitor is, but it was ruled that it cannot be a family member. Britney reportedly wanted it to be her mother, Lynne.

The agreement for one night per week was a compromise from both sides.

Britney left the downtown L.A. courthouse today around 2:15 p.m. looking visibly upset. She had clearly been crying.

She showed up this afternoon after Gordon held a hearing regarding increased visitation, then gave attorneys for both sides more time to reach an agreement.

Britney was not present at this morning's hearing. Her attorney said it was because she feared the media frenzy that was quickly gathering outside the courtroom.

When she finally appeared this afternoon, the judge closed the courtroom to reporters. During the swearing-in, she was asked her name and replied, "Britney." Gordon then clarified he wanted her full name, and she responded, "Britney Spears."

Britney fiddled nervously with the pocket of her jeans and kept her eyes hidden with dark sunglasses. Insiders tell "Extra" that Britney has pinkeye.

Court spokesman Allan Parachini said after the hearing, "Ms. Spears did speak, and her voice was soft and respectful."

Kevin's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan said that Kevin was satisfied with the agreement.

"Kevin has always been willing to jointly parent these children. He felt confident that the conditions satisfied his concerns," he said. "Kevin agreed that he would allow additional time to be expanded into the order, provided that the kids were properly protected."

Britney's attorney requested today's emergency hearing in the hopes of winning back custody after she lost Sean Preston and Jayden James because of what Gordon called her "frequent and habitual drug use."

Her attorney Anne Kiley argued that the visits are critical to Britney's baby boys, insisting, "I do think it is an emergency for them not to have overnights with their mother, which they've always had."

She added, "What possible concern can he (Federline) have if there are monitors present?"

This morning Gordon made it clear that he was worried for Britney's boys because of her "emotional issues." He also slammed Britney for not complying with his previous court orders, which included submitting to random drug testing. Gordon said the current custody order is a result of her own choices.

Britney's monitored visits could be cut short if she in any way endangers the kids.