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As Brit's Mom Rushes to Her Side, New Video Controversy Arises


Did Britney come out swinging at Kevin Federline?

Shocking new reports say Britney hit ex-hubby Kevin Federline during their marriage!

But Spears insiders strongly deny those allegations and say it’s just another attempt to make Britney look like a bad mom.

It’s just the latest salvo in Britney’s chaotic life. Now there is word that Britney’s own racy video may have her in hot water.

“Extra” has viewed X-rated scenes from an alternate take of the video for her single “Gimme More” where Britney dances - topless - on a stripper pole, covered only by silver pasties.

Now, her estranged mom Lynne has come to Britney’s rescue even though they haven’t spoken in months, jumping on a plane from Louisiana when the judge took her kids away.

People magazine’s Galina Espinosa took “Extra” inside this week’s cover story, which blows the lid off of Britney’s first civil meeting with her mom since June.

“To give you an idea how estranged Britney and her mom have been, when Lynne showed up to visit her daughter she actually went to the wrong house,” Galina said.

The two had a famous falling-out this summer when Britney reportedly hinted that Lynne had a substance abuse problem and ordered her to stay away from the kids.

But the two are rekindling their once tight-knit relationship. Galina added, “On Oct. 6, they actually went out and took a walk with Britney's two sons. It only lasted about 30 minutes, yet what was important was that they just did it.”

And the secret people behind the scenes who brokered the Spears family reunion? None other than new best friend Sam Lutfi and her former assistant Alli Sims!

Though Britney’s family and friends are rallying around her, she is far from out of the woods.

She faces huge court dates Oct. 25 and 26, the first for her alleged parking lot hit-and-run and the second for her ongoing custody case.

Britney has been ordered to be booked on the hit-and-run charge before that date. She’ll have to be fingerprinted and take a mug shot.

Meanwhile, “Extra” has learned that Britney has passed her court-ordered drug test.

The troubled singer reportedly took several tests, and they all came out negative. She has also been meeting with a parenting coach and is reportedly taking the necessary steps to win her kids back.