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Trump Says Rosie's Book is 'Boring'

Donald Trump is once again taking aim at Rosie O'Donnell, this time at her controversial book, "Celebrity Detox."

Trump told "Extra," "The book is boring and has no educational value. Rosie is very unkind to Barbara Walters who saved her dying career. She is a very disloyal person."

In the book, Rosie writes that 78-year-old Barbara should retire. She also recounts in the book one particularly bitter conversation with Barbara regarding her fight with Trump.

She writes, "I just got out of my makeup chair, my eyes full of teary rage, her hair was wet. 'Why did you not call me?'...'for ten days you didn't call'...'you're a liar.'"

She continues, "'I did everything I could,' said Barbara, 'everything I could to squash the story.'"