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Woman Yells to Britney: 'Get Out of My Town!'

Britney Spears’ reunion with her family turned ugly yesterday after a simple trip to Starbucks turned into verbal brawl.

Britney and her sister Jamie-Lynn, who flew in from Louisiana with mom Lynne to be with the troubled singer, left an L.A. coffee shop with drinks in hand when a pack of paparazzi made it nearly impossible to walk through the parking lot.

A disgruntled woman, apparently upset at the chaos surrounding the singer, yelled at Britney, “Nobody wants you in the neighborhood! Get out of my town!”

Britney looked confused as her sister shot back, “Then move out!” and several cameramen screamed at the woman for dissing Britney. The woman then lunged at Britney and Jamie-Lynn, but the two were able to escape.

The chaos is just another day in the life of the pop star, but her family is hoping to bring some normalcy to the party-hard singer. Britney’s estranged mom Lynne flew in from Kentwood, La. to reportedly stage an intervention.

Britney has been feuding with her mom since reportedly handing her legal papers demanding that she stay away from the kids. Since then, Britney’s circle of friends has consisted of her cousin, Alli Sims, as well as several assistants who have come and gone.