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Video: Britney Cruises Around Town While K-Fed Fights in Court

Where was Britney Spears yesterday as her ex Kevin Federline fought in court for the kids - and won?

"Extra" spotted her driving around L.A., happy and smiling for the cameras.

Driven by new friend Sam Lufti, Britney appeared relaxed as she stopped at a gas station. She even posed for paparazzi. Among her errands as Kevin appeared in court - for three hours - was a stop at a vitamin store and a Starbucks run. Her Yorkie, London, was along for the ride.

Yesterday a judge upheld his Oct. 1 ruling that the kids be given to Kevin until further notice. Kevin appeared in court wearing a blue suit and sporting an eye patch because of an infection.
The next court hearing is scheduled for Oct. 26, which Britney has been ordered to attend.

In the end, Britney was granted visitation rights, but she didn’t go see her kids last night. Instead, she checked into a new hotel with cousin Alli Sims. She’s now staying at the Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills, where she’s been spotted emerging from her luxury room for another Starbucks fix.