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Rita Cosby Fires Back at Lawsuit, Compares Anna Nicole to Britney Spears

Rita Cosby has been hit with a $60 million libel lawsuit, but she’s telling “Extra” she’s confident that Howard K. Stern’s efforts will fall flat.

“I literally just got the papers. From what I’ve seen we are solid on our facts more than ever…we are sure of what we have,” she insists. “I think it’s pretty surprising that these guys would launch some frivolous lawsuit to deflect and to smear and to intimidate and it’s not going to work.”

When asked whether she’s heard from Larry Birkhead, Cosby comments, “I haven’t heard from Larry Birkhead…but a number of other people have and what he has done is threatened them. He is actually being looked at for possible charges being filed against him in the state of Texas and elsewhere for intimidating witnesses.”

As to any parallels she sees between Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears, Cosby states, “Both Anna and Britney are public train wrecks, sort of falling apart before our eyes. You see Britney spiraling down in the same trend you saw Anna Nicole Smith doing years ago. Britney should learn from people like Anna Nicole Smith…don’t get too caught up in stardom at the end of the day it could do you in.”