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Judge Warns Brit: 'Endanger the Kids and You Won't See Them'

The judge in Britney Spears' custody case issued strict orders for the troubled starlet.

Judge Scott Gordon writes that Britney must pay for a monitor to supervise her visits with her two children. If Britney does anything to endanger Sean Preston and Jayden James, the deal is off and her visitation rights will be stripped immediately.

She must also complete three joint counseling sessions with Kevin Federline by their Oct. 26 court date, as well as three individual counseling sessions. Britney has been ordered to appear in court that day.

In addition, Gordon specifies that “a missed drug test…is a failed test,” making it clear that Britney cannot skip her mandated random drug and alcohol testing.

Meanwhile there is a bit of good news for Britney. Her long-awaited “Gimme More” video will reportedly debut Monday on MTV.

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