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Brit's Legal Team Battles to Get Boys Back

The Britney Spears saga moved to a Los Angeles courthouse today, as Britney’s legal team battled to get her kids back.

The showdown began early this afternoon, as K-Fed arrived for court dressed in a blue suit and, strangely enough, wearing an eye patch.

“Extra” was there yesterday as Britney got the VIP treatment at the DMV. A motor vehicle employee, under siege by the paparazzi, actually got into Brit’s SUV to personally deliver her new license.

Just hours after getting her California license, Brit enjoyed a 10 p.m. driving lesson from a mystery man.

We can now reveal the man is film producers Sam Lutfi, who was with Britney when she lost custody of her kids. He is also the guy who allegedly ran into the car of former Israeli commando Aaron Cohen while Cohen’s team was trying to serve him with a subpoena in August.

“My operatives were physically hit by his vehicle because this guy did not want to be served,” Cohen said. “He was going to do whatever it took, no matter what.”

Meanwhile, celebrity addiction expect, Dr. Drew Pinsky, told “Extra” that losing her kids may be the least of Brit’s worries.

“You’re going to see marked escalation of drug use and/or this explicitly self-destructive behavior, like cutting or suicide,” he said.

Former New York prosecutor Jeanine Pirro said that no matter what happens, Britney needs to realize her most important role is mother.

“I care about her taking care of those children and believing those children are coming first,” she insisted. “I don't believe they're first.”

Should K-Fed keep the kids?

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