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Britney's Cousin, Alli Sims, Moves Out of Brit's Pad

Reports have surfaced claiming that Britney Spears’ cousin, Alli Sims, stormed out of Spears’ home today.

Sims told “Extra” that her move out of Spears’ house was far from sudden. In a large open pick up truck, movers from Northstar Moving Corp. transported Sims’ belongings, which included shoes, a hamper and computer desk, to a condo in Marina Del Rey.

As to whether the move was sudden, Sims said, “It was not sudden. It was planned. I’ve been planning this for six months. I’ve just been doing it slowly. I’ve had an apartment all along.”

In what may seem like a coincidence, Britney’s mother, Lynne Spears, has a condo in the same complex.

When asked if she was moving in with Lynne, Sims responded, “What? NO!”