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Hollywood Shocked at Britney's Downfall

Britney Spears’ custody crisis is all the talk today, from Hollywood to the White House.

First Daughter Jenna Bush weighed in on Britney’s debacle, saying, “I’m not part of Hollywood. That’s the lucky thing – I’ve had normal parents.”

News that Britney temporarily lost custody of her kids brought mom-of-three Jennie Garth to tears last night.

“My heart goes out to her,” Jennie told “Extra.” “It made me cry. I hope that she can get her life together.”

Barbara Walters not only had sympathy for Britney, but also a warning. She pleaded on “The View” this morning, “For heaven’s sake, get help.”

Ellen said on her show today, “Maybe she’s now going to take care of herself.”

“Extra’s” own Dayna Devon told Larry King last night, “I think it’s really sad.”

Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa were equally dismayed. Regis said he hopes “she pulls it together,” while Kelly admitted she’s sick to her stomach over the mess. She said Britney has been on the show before and is a “lovely person.”

Yesterday, “Extra” spotted a doctor, a nurse and a nanny heading into Kevin Federline’s L.A. home, and later, his bodyguard on a late-night beer run.

Before the custody decision, his ex, Shar Jackson, told “Extra” she supports Kevin.

“He’s an amazing dad,” she insisted.

So when could Britney get her kids back? Both sides are due in court tomorrow. But today, former New York prosecutor Jeanine Pirro gave us her verdict.

“The case could go on until the kids are 18,” she said.” She’d better picker herself up or she won’t see those kids.”