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Why Your Diet May Be Killing You

A controversial new book is blowing the lid off of everything you thought about dieting.

The explosive book “Good Calories, Bad Calories” claims that diet and exercise may not only cause disease, but that a combination of the two can actually kill you.

“Extra” sat down with the book’s controversial author, Gary Taubes, to answer these claims.

“Seventy-percent of cancers are caused by diet,” he contends.

That statement is just one of many raising eyebrows.

Taubes also writes that dietary fat – saturated or not – does not cause obesity. Rather, carbohydrates are the culprit!

He claims that carbs, combined with sugars, are “the likely causes of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and the other chronic diseases of civilization.”

Taubes spent five years researching the book and interviewed more than 600 people for his results. He claims he has the evidence to back those explosive results up.

In another finding, Taubes contends that obesity is not the result of overeating or lack of exercise. He calls being overweight “a disorder of fat accumulation.”

In fact, he says that consuming excess calories doesn’t cause us to grow fatter, and that working out isn’t as beneficial as once thought. He claims that exercise just increases our desire to eat.