Clooney on Motorcycle Accident: 'It Hurts. I've Still Got to Go to Work.'

Just days after his horrific motorcycle accident, George Clooney was on the red carpet for the premiere of his new thriller, “Michael Clayton.”

Clooney arrived with his rumored girlfriend, Sarah Larson, who was also on Clooney’s bike when it crashed last Friday.

Clooney spoke to “Extra’s” special correspondent, Jill Rappaport, about the accident.

On Larson receiving a black eye, Clooney said, “We are hiding it with makeup. It looks like I socked her a couple times.”

Clooney revealed that the studio behind his film currently in production might be upset that he was riding a motorcycle and jokes, “I’m not suppose to be on a motorcycle, I think I am in trouble now.”

Clooney heard from his buddy, Brad Pitt, shortly after the accident. Clooney said, “Yeah, he rides a lot.” Pitt wanted to know just how bad Clooney’s injuries were, Clooney told him “not so bad.”

Reports have circulated that Larson broke her foot, but she said it was her “toe,” adding that her crutches are “very fashionable.”