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Oscar De La Hoya Getting a 'Kick' Out of Photo Scandal

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez spoke to Oscar De La Hoya about recent photos that surfaced allegedly of De La Hoya dressed in women’s lingerie. The two have been friends since 1992.

Lopez says, “Oscar and I have been friends for a long time…we go way back.” He continues, “He [De La Hoya] is absolutely not in those pictures…very clever photo shop.”

He adds, “I just spoke with Oscar about the photos and we both got a big kick out of them. He said he looked like his aunt.”

Lopez continues, “They are so far fetched. Clearly they are fake. When you are at the top a lot of people want to drag you down.”

When asked if De La Hoya denies being in those photos, Lopez states, “He absolutely denies it!”

As to whether or not De La Hoya was upset about the photos, Lopez says, “He wasn’t upset. He was sort of laughing. His wife was teasing him that he looks better in lingerie than she does.”

Lopez adds, “He’s very comfortable in his own skin...he’s really not sweating it.”