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Hollywood Reacts to O.J. Simpson's Lockdown

O.J. Simpson was the talk of the town at the Emmys. The former football great and onetime Hollywood actor had all of Hollywood talking to "Extra" about his recent arrest and scandalous allegations.

Conan O'Brien tried to make light of Simpson's mug shot, joking, "Oh wow! Look at that, he’s aged well.”

Funnyman Jon Stewart added, “That’s a much better mug shot. That says to me, mug shot or maybe Hanukkah card.”

Comedian Wanda Sykes said, “If you get away with killing two people, robbery ain’t s---!” She continued, “This is like jay walking, this is nothing for him.”

“He must just think he’s bullet-proof," said James Denton. "He got off the first time so he figures he can rob people. Trouble follows that dude somehow.”

Comedian Wayne Brady took a more serious look at the situation, saying, "O.J. is such a topic that divides race. The fact of the matter is - white, black, green, purple - the man is a little off.” He added, “What the hell is in his head? He should be locked up!”