America's Most Eligible: Antonio Sabato Jr.

He’s bold, he’s beautiful, and boy do we love him with his shirt off!

Italian stallion Antonio Sabato Jr. is now one of “Extra’s” most eligible bachelors.

The former soap hunk and Calvin Klein model was born in Rome, stands 6’1’’ and enjoys skydiving, fast cars and motorcycles.

“I would like to date somebody who’s ready to ride,” says Antonio.

Antonio, 35, is also a healthy homebody.

“Somebody who’s very healthy, who doesn’t drink, who doesn’t smoke, who doesn’t like to go out all the time, because that’s the lifestyle that I have,” he adds.

It also doesn’t matter if she’s blonde or brunette – just don’t cancel your manicure appointment!

“Somebody who has ugly toes or ugly fingers? Nah,” he confesses. “I look for the details! That’s just me.”