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Lindsay's Rehab Confidante: 'She's Getting Better Every Day'

“Extra” spoke exclusively to Tony Allen, the man rumored to have befriended Lindsay Lohan in rehab.

Allen recently checked out of the Utah rehab center where Lohan is currently a patient and said, "We’re great friends.”

He's shooting down rumors that Lindsay, who police said had a small amount of cocaine on her when she was arrested for DUI, failed a drug test while she was in treatment.

Allen said, “Positively, absolutely none of that is true!” He insisted that Lindsay has been a model patient.

“We share a common affliction, and we just talk about life sometimes," Allen revealed. "She’s getting better every day.”

As Lindsay continues to recover, Allen said she's determined to revive the promising career derailed by her battle with drugs and alcohol.

“She’s very healthy, very positive," he said. "She wants to present that to her public, to the people who care about her.”

Allen, who is one-half of the rock duo Dead Stays Alive, said that he and Lohan hit it off immediately.

“She’s a musician, so obviously that’s some common ground we had," he said.

He added, “We’re her favorite new band.” Allen’s band mate, Scott Mikell, would even invite Lindsay to join the band once she's out of rehab! He said, “Lindsay can come play guitar anytime she wants to.”

Lindsay is rumored to be leaving rehab next week.