America Ferrera Anxious for the Emmy's

“Extra” was behind the scenes of “Ugly Betty” and went one-on-one with the stars, and they dropped some bombshells about the show’s upcoming season!

“It’s just crazy!” said breakout star America Ferrera. “I just stop and think, ‘Where did a year of my life go?’”

America is riding high from “Betty’s” success. She’s nominated for an Emmy and she recently graced the cover of Glamour magazine, but it sparked controversy over whether or not the star had been airbrushed.

“I don’t ask questions,” she said. “So I just tell myself that is totally me and I walk away and I don’t ask any questions. If you don’t know then you can’t be blamed for it!”

America also revealed she’s anxious about this weekend’s Emmy’s.

“You turn on the TV to watch what everyone’s wearing and oh my gosh did she gain five pounds, did she lose five pounds, look at that dress, look at her hair, oh my gosh her toenail looks really weird coming out of her Jimmy Choo’s," she said.

Vanessa Williams is also making headlines and dropping bombshells about this season’s show.

Not only will she star alongside her ex-husband, Rick Fox, but she’ll be hopping into bed with him!

“One of the executive producers said, ‘We’ve got this idea, how do you feel about having Rick play your bodyguard?’” she explained. “I said, ‘Sure, I’ll give him a call,’ and he said, ‘Well you’re going to have to sleep with him’ and I said, ‘That’s okay we’ve done that before!’”

The second season premiere of “Ugly Betty” airs Sept. 27 on ABC.