Ellen DeGeneres on 'Dancing with the Stars?'

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez went one-on-one with Ellen DeGeneres on the set of her talk show and he asked her the burning question: will she be dancing with the stars next season?

She laughed, “No! Plus, I’d have to wear a dress and I don’t want to do that!”

But Ellen did say she has some advice for Ryan Seacrest, who's set to host this year's Emmys.

“He's just got to relax," she said. "He's just got to have fun.”

Ellen knows a thing or two about the job: she hosted the show of all shows last year, the Academy Awards.

Now that Ellen has accomplished so much, she can focus on the big 5-0 next January.

Looking back, she said there's still one thing she's yet to accomplish: welcoming U2 frontman Bono to her show.

“I’d love to have U2 on," she said. "I love Bono.”