Whoopi Goldberg Makes 'View' Debut

Whoopi Goldberg made her much-anticipated debut on “The View” this morning as the show kicked off its 11th season.

The audience gave the newest co-host a standing ovation as she entered the stage, which has been revamped and painted orange and yellow.

The set isn’t the only thing that was revamped – Whoopi, 51, has kicked it up a notch and lost some weight!

“Forty-three pounds!” Whoopi said. “I put some on since I lost it, but it’s alright, I think.”

Whoopi made her debut alongside regular co-hosts Joy Behar, Barbara Walters and a very pregnant Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Danny DeVito, who allegedly appeared drunk on the show last season after a night on the town with George Clooney, was the guest.

The show went on without a hitch, and afterward Whoopi confided, “I think it went well. Wasn’t too edgy; wasn’t too scary.”

Former co-host Rosie O’Donnell promised she’d be watching her replacement today, and Whoopi revealed she’s heard from Rosie as well as “View” veteran Star Jones.

“Both called and said, ‘Have a great time,’” Whoopi said.

With two comedians already on board, Barbara broke news to “Extra,” revealing another one will soon join the permanent panel.

“It will be somebody I think who will add to the humor,” Barbara confessed. “I will give you no other clues.”