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Is Britney Sharing More than a Lollipop with Criss Angel?

Britney Spears’ much-publicized hosting gig for the opening of the new club LAX in Sin City came and went in a flash – but it’s her carousing with magician Criss Angel that has people talking.

“Extra” spotted Britney and Criss at a hotel at 3 a.m. after opening night, dodging photographers to get to an elevator.

Before the night ended, as Britney danced along to the blaring music inside the club, the two were spotted sharing a lollipop!

So are they or aren’t they?

“Extra” put the magician on the spot, but his answer was all smoke and mirrors!

“As a true practitioner of the art of illusion and magic, one has to be able to keep a great secret,” he said cryptically.

He added, “Britney is a wonderful person who I am very happy to call a friend; a very talented young lady and I wish her the very best.”

Criss has reportedly been helping Britney design her performance for Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards in Las Vegas. Britney will reportedly appear and disappear using mirrors as she performs her newest single, “Gimme More.”